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Guitar Pedals

Guitar Pedals

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Wah Pedal

A true rock classic every guitar player should have.

Our Price: £96.00 Inc VAT
1 Review / 5.0 Avg
Delay Pedal

Analog pedal with time-tested tone and flexible settings in an amazingly compact package.

Our Price: £78.00 Inc VAT
3 Reviews / 4.0 Avg
Tube Distortion Pedal

Overdrive anarchy at the tip of your toes.

Retail: £132.00 Inc VAT
On Sale: £81.60 Inc VAT
You Save: 39%
2 Reviews / 4.0 Avg
Noise Reduction Pedal

Designed for those who want the ultimate performance in a foot pedal.

Retail: £168.00 Inc VAT
On Sale: £110.40 Inc VAT
You Save: 35%
1 Review / 5.0 Avg
Chromatic Tuner Pedal

Provides easy-to-read tuning with a display made to be visible in dark or bright conditions.

Our Price: £60.00 Inc VAT
2 Reviews / 3.0 Avg

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